Helleborus Gold Collection®

There is no overlooking the sheer unlimited shapes and colours of Spring Promise® Lenten Roses (Helleborus x hybridus). The close relatives of the Christmas Rose take the garden out of its dormancy with a striking show of colours. They prefer light shade, but apart from that have few site requirements. Their flowering time lasts into late spring. They benefit from regular leaf care and respond to it with extraordinary durability and vigorous growth. Spring Promise® Lenten Roses owe their beauty to the fact that they are crosses between the oriental hellebore (Helleborus orientalis) and various other species from the Helleborus genus. Their parents are mainly found in Southeast Europe, the Balkans and along the Black Sea coasts. Some of these species were bred in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland as early as the middle of the 19th century. Like all other varieties from the Helleborus Gold Collection®, Spring Promise® Lenten Roses meet the highest selection standards for plant health and floriferousness.

  • HGC® SP Regina

  • HGC® SP John Hopkins

  • HGC® SP Elly

  • HGC® SP Lily

  • HGC® SP Mary Lou

  • HGC® SP Abby

  • HGC® SP Anja Oudolf

  • HGC® SP Sophie

  • HGC® SP Sally

  • HGC® SP Frilly Kitty

  • HGC® SP Conny

  • HGC® SP Loren

  • HGC® SP Alice

  • HGC® SP Maggy

  • HGC® SP Grace